If you are interested in joining this ministry or want more information please e-mail Michelle at mccfam610@comcast.net
or call Michelle at 978-348-1678. Thank you for your time and interest in this ministry. Those who are involved in this ministry will tell you that it is truly a rewarding experience.

Our Father's House Ministry


VOLUNTEER INFORMATION: Our Father's House is a shelter in Fitchburg on Route 2A - about a 6 or 7 minute drive from St. Boniface. St. Boniface parishioners have been serving dinner at Our Father's House on the last Wednesday of every month since April 2008. There are up to 20 men and 8 women that stay in the shelter along with staff members that work there each day. St. Boniface serves the dinner primarily to the men.
We welcome the help of any parishioner who may be interested in this ministry. There is already a large group of volunteers involved so that no one needs to participate more than once every few months unless they want to do so more often. A menu is circulated by e-mail (or a phone call if you prefer) every month with the food items that need to be prepared and the quantities. You can choose to cook or serve or both depending on your schedule.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO SERVE: Serving each dinner requires 2 or 3 servers (A rule of Our Father's House is that volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to be servers.) We often carpool from the church parking lot and we arrive at Our Father's House at around 5:30 and are usually done by 6:30. The server's responsibility is to bring the food dropped off by the cooks, keep the food warm in the oven at Our Father's House, and portion it onto the plates for the residents and staff. The residents do all the clean up after dinner and are always very appreciative, polite, and helpful.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO COOK: Any of the meal items that are to be served hot are prepared/baked at home and handed off to the servers in the church parking lot between 5:00 and 5:30 so we can get it to Our Father's House while still warm.  Other food items like soda, desserts, salad, etc. that are not served hot are prepared at home and can be dropped off in the church refrigerator/kitchen in advance at your convenience. Please be sure to label this food "For Our Father's House."