2018-19  Class Calendar 

What does our Confirmation Program look like? The focus of our confirmation program is on the sacrament itself and building the tools needed to be a faithful disciple of Jesus. They will gather for a Retreat and 3 sessions that will focus on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Sacrament of Confirmation and the Life of a Disciple. They will also be asked to put their faith into action.

Confirmation Preparation. Students will not automatically be in our Confirmation program simply because they are in the 10th grade; they will need to meet with our DRE for an interview before entering the confirmation program itself. Students may be confirmed when they show "readiness" at any time during High School. 

What is Confirmation? Confirmation completes our initiation into the Catholic Church. Through an outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Confirmation “seals” our relationship with Christ and equips us with the grace needed to actively participate in the life and mission of the church.

What Confirmation is not. Confirmation is not a “graduation” marking the end of an individual’s faith formation or participation in church. Confirmation is not about "becoming an adult" Catholic as if reaching some abstract moment of maturity, rather it is about embracing and continuing to grow into the mission Christ has given all of us.

Who is eligible to be confirmed? Any High School Students who are parishioners and have:
•A desire to be Confirmed
•An understanding of the Sacrament of Confirmation
•A good foundational understanding of our Catholic Faith
•Participated regularly in religious formation
•Made the commitment to attend Mass regularly
•Made a firm commitment to continue to grow in their faith

A Word about Readiness. Confirmation is a gift freely given to us by God. He invites our free and open response to this gift of grace but will not force us to receive it or respond to it. Sometimes for a variety of reasons students are simply not ready to make the commitment to receive this sacrament. While we strongly encourage you to sit down and discuss the issue with the Pastor or DRE before making a final decision, you should know that we will ultimately respect students’ right to choose not to be confirmed.